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Spot welding

In resistance spot welding, the tips of two opposing solid, cylindrical electrodes touch a lap joint of two two sheet metals, and resistance heating produces spong weld. In order  to obtain a strong bond in the weld nugget, pressure is applied until the current  is turned off and the weld has soldified. Accurate control and timing of the alternating electric current and of the pressure are essential in resistance welding.

Spot welding is used widely for fabricating sheet-metal parts The weld nugget is generally 6-10mm in diameter. The surgace of the spot weld has a slightly discolored indentation.From attaching handles to stainless steel cookware from large sheet metal structure to modern mufflers we can see the spot welding.

Because they are easy to perform and are inexpensive, tension-shear tests are commonly used in fabricating facilities. The cross-tension and twist tests are capable of revealing flaws,cracks,and porosity in the weld area. The peel test is commonly used for thin sheets. After the joint has be bent and peeled, the shape and size of rorn-out weld nugget are evaluatted.

We always help our customers to select the right welding process for their products.


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