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Quality Control

Quality control term

  1. Evaluate the purchase order, quality control people, production people and sales join together for a meeting, discuss the parts we can do at the prices or not.

  2, Quality control for the parts how much they will cost, discuss the quality control cost. If the quality control cost is beyond the margin we have quoted, the part must be held for a further pricing update.

   3. Once the purchase order we accepted, if the customer did not give us full details of quality requirement, we must request them to give us answers for non-confirmed dimensions or tolerances.

4. QA department organizes our paper work for the inspection standards, acounting to the production plan, QA foreman make inspection plan, who will do the inspections.

5.  We must hold a first meeting for the quality control, all QA's must present the meeting, know each one 's work, the inspection work including raw material inspection, process inspection and finished product inspection.

6.  Sales must send the quality issues to our customers when QA's bring quality issues back to the meeting. Consider the production is a continuous process, many workers on the lines, quality control people and production people must cooperate for the quality goal.

7. Quality control foreman must teach the workers around the each machine to do the self inspection, this inspection can be randomly check, the workers must be aware of the difference or changes come onto the parts and report to the foremam at the first time.

8. If the product requested to check 100%, QA foreman must point a QA or worker to inspect the part piece by piece. QA's must place the good and bad ones correctly with different containers in different places.

                                                                                                       Feb. 23. 2022

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