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Production equipment
Rongnee electric is a metal stamping manufacturer of precision metal enclosures, brackets, terminals, rings and lighting fixtures. Our equipment capabilities cover a complete range of size up to 350X350mm (flat) with thickness from 0.1~4mm and deep draws of up to 80mm deep and 200mm in diameter. Stamping machines varies from 10T to 120T, Rongnee totally owns up to 20 sets of stamping machines for production shop.
Tool equipment
Rongnee also has a tool building shop with EDM wire cutting machines, surface-grinding machine, CNC milling machine, drillers and threading machines. we can design tools for your precision metal parts and make the tools in our own tool shop. The tools we designed and built are adhered properly to the parts specifications and tolerances. With over 20 years of tooling designing and building experience, Rongnee can make tools striking up to 700000 times of span life. Our progressive tools minimize lead time for volume order.
Quality assurance
All of our work goal is to assure the process we finished have been watched and measured, the dimensions, tolerances, color and finish  have been comply with the specifications and standards that customer prescribed. The first samples have been approved by customer, the inspection papers have been properly kept and tracked in a safe place. We have dedicated years building our quality control system under the guidance of ISO 9001:2008, the quality of the parts and products we manufactured have been assured well.
Lead time and Delivery
The tool lead time and production lead time should be minimized and should be scheduled under the capability of the work force. Rush spoils the quality, reworking do not help the lead time, but make it longer. The proper lead time and proper extension should be considered in scheduling of the lead times. However, our good management can makes quick delivery, no sacrifice the quality.
Secret Term
The prints, samples and designs customer provided to us we are comment to keeping them away from his competitors or strangers. Most of our customers have a long term relationship with us, they want us to keep the business in a safe way, the prints, samples and prices we treat them as properties, we never expose them to the third party or strangers.



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