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Rolling seam welding

We provide rolling seam welding for the tinware products like paint pails, tea cans, gifts box ect.

Rolling welding is one of diffusion bonding processes we widely use in our joining operation for  sheet metal structuring. Many lighting fixtures we welded the parts together in many patterns. This welding do need comsumable filler rod or  wire, it is suitable for thinner sheet metal at 0.2-3 mm. This welding is an easier operation and one of the most efficience welding. It is suitable for large quantity.

The bonded interface in diffusion welding has essentially the same physical and mechanical properties as the base metal, Its strength depends on (a) pressure,(b) temperature,(c) time of contact, and (d) how clean the faying surfaces are. We have comprehensive skills and experiences for carbon steel bonding as well as stainless steel.

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