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Forming Die

Bending is one of the most common industrial forming operations. We merely have to look at an automobile body, appliance, paper clip, or file cabinet to appreciate how many parts are shaped by bending. Furthermore, bending aslo imparts stiffness to the part by increasing its coment of inertia. In bending process, we see the outer fibers of the material are in tension, while the inner fibes are in compression,because of the poisson effect, the width of the part has become smaller in the outer region and larger in the inner region  than the original width. The fiber change we must take care of the bending allowance when we design the die tools.

Bending process has single bending in different angle degrees, flanging, beading, rolling, tube bending, hemming, seaming, bulging ect. Die tools support us what we will do on the parts that critically decides the tollerances and demensions.


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