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We can make customized metal parts for you !
Stamping: blanketing, piercing, bending, deep drawing and rotary pressing are our main manufacturing processes. Stamping sheet materirals include: aluminum,stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, bronze, copper and nickel alloys. Stamping tolerance: typically we can hold from +/-0.03mm to +/-0.10mm.    Stamping material thickness limits:0.02~4mm, beyond this limits stamping is not fit our capability.
Molding: we design and make steel molds for stamping and plastic injection as well as forging, wood molds/sand molds is for sand casting. If you have parts for us, we will design proper molds and use the proper process to form the parts up to suit your application.
Machining: lathe machining, miller machining, grinder machining, NC machining, boring machining as our second operation for the parts to get a perfect finish and proper tolerances.
Surface Brushing: we provide tape brushing to make the metal parts surface rough avoiding finger prints. Mirror polish is our main finish work as well. Sometimes we use stone barrel to debur the parts.
Surface treatment: for surface protection we provide electroplating like yellow zinc, blue zinc, black zinc, silver, copper, tin, nickel, chrome, hard chrome ect. Further more we provide powder coating, pad printing, spray painting.
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